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KYAC Support letter Spring Pledge Drive 6-3-20


Dear Friends of KYAC. I don’t need to tell you how odd the past few months have been with the Corona Virus Pandemic. It has been a busy time for all of us, including KYAC. Our listener base has increased both locally and online as folks turn to us for accurate news, information and entertainment. What has also happened is that our funding for operations has dropped off as folks watch their pennies and dollars because of the uncertainty of the length and impact of Covid 19. We get that.


That’s why we are coming to you… now. We have been the rock that’s always here, that listeners can depend on. We need your help. As a part of our spring pledge drive, I am asking you if you can help. Our modest goal for this drive is at least two thousand dollars. Like you, it goes for rent, utilities, streaming online fees music license fees and operating expenses. The few small businesses that we have depended on for 1/3 of our annual operating budget has been affected beyond belief. Many are not able to help us. Can you? What ever you can afford helps us meet our needs and still keeps us lean and here for you. $20 to $200 wonderful donation. I would be more than happy to personally come by, meet you and pick it up, or ask you to mail us a check to KYAC Community Radio, PO Box 172, Mill City OR 97360, or go to our web site www.kyacfm.org and you’ll find the donate button and can make a pledge there. It’s safe, quick and easy. 


If you’re a small business, we’d be glad to help you get your message out at a very low cost to help you so you can tell  folks where you are, that you are open, and what products and service you are offering. We want you to thrive; we need you. let us help.


Thank you very much,

Ken Cartwright

KYAC General Manager 

Program Director and Program host. 


email kenc@wvi.com 

KYAC 94.9 FM

PO Box 172

Mill City, OR 97360



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