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Welcome to KYAC 90.1 FM

Hello music lovers. Reserved seating tickets may be purchased on line now, under the "KYAC Event Tickets" tab.

On February 28, 2024, Tyler Freres, representative of the Freres Lumber Company of Lyons Oregon, presented Jeff Keto treasurer of Santiam Hearts to Arts and KYAC Community Radio in Mill City, a check for $3,000.00 (Three Thousand Dollars) to assure completed funding for a required replacement for their Emergency Alert System. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) changed the equipment necessary for all AM & FM radio stations to broadcast the Emergency Alert System's public emergency alerts. KYAC's current emergency alert system is eleven years old and is not able to be updated. As with many radio stations, there was no choice but to replace the old equipment with a new system. This came at a time when their reserve funds for equipment had been nearly depleted. To cover the cost of the required equipment, KYAC created a public plea during their recent pledge drive for this funding. Pledge drives are usually for operating & administrative costs for the station. Thanks to local supporters the pledge drive raised sufficient funds to meet several months of operating expenses and some funding for the new equipment. KYAC was running out of time to get the new equipment to comply with their FCC broadcasting license so Ken Cartwright, KYAC station manager, reached out to Freres Lumber for some additional help in order to reach their goal and deadline. It should be noted that several other donors offered to help fund this special piece of equipment, if needed, after Freres had offered their help. Thanks go to Focus Heating and Construction and all the others including the listeners and supporters of KYAC for their offers to help. You all are very special to us and the canyon. If there are any extra funds donated for the EAS equipment, KYAC will hold them in reserve for future equipment needs. Thank you for a successful pledge drive. Ken Cartwright Manager of KYAC Community Radio You sent


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KYAC is a  500 watt ERP,Class A  NCE (Non-Commercial Educational) FCC licensed community radio station that has been on the air since July of 2013.. We are a non-profit, non-commercial FM station that serves our Santiam Canyon residents including Mill City, Gates, Lyons, Mehema, The Little North Fork, Elkhorn, Stayton, Sublimity, surrounding and outlying areas and highway 22 from mile post 11 to milepost 47. Our non-profit parent is Santiam Hearts to Arts (SH2A) and they are committed to the education of all arts including broadcasting. SH2A has been around since January 2008.


KYAC operates 24 hours a day, seven days per week with both live DJ's as well as prerecorded shows and a great automation system. We provide local news, weather and emergency information regularly. When the power goes out, we're on the air with emergency power to keep our communities informed and entertained. We have, at this time 10 volunteer DJ's who provide a wide variety of programs for KYAC. We also air imported programs for out side DJ’s to give the station more variety. Aside from our adult programmers, we initiated a "Youth-In-Broadcasting" program immediately after we went on the air in July of 2013. These young people have and are doing a great job with their shows. We are always looking for volunteer programmers. Our format base is traditional country music classics, Americana, folk music, Jazz,Classic Rock and Roll and select modern country artists and bluegrass. Our volunteer programmers bring talk, pop, classic rock, jazz, R&B, big band, contemporary rock, early Doo Whop, adult contemporary, classical, easy listening and western swing.


The station manager/program director is Ken Cartwright. Ken wears many hats as he is an unpaid volunteer who hosts Ken Till Ten five days a week from 6 am to 10 am and simulcasts his show live Monday through Friday with Salem Oregon's KMUZ 88.5 & 100.7 fm. He also is the audio technician DJ trainer and station PR manager. At this time, Ken oversees all aspects of KYAC except station engineering. Jay Hennigan is the FCC licensed station engineer. 


We are always looking for volunteers for a variety of jobs that we need done. From DJ's, office staff, production and engineer assistants, housekeeping, event setup and teardown, underwriter representatives as well as PSA and web maintenance.

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