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Many people have wanted to become an on air personalty or DJ. When you listen to radio, there have probably been times when you thought, I could do that, or I can do that better. Becoming a volunteer at KYAC gives a lot of opportunities to be a news gatherer, sports announcer, presenter, director, Music show host or talk show host. It helps young people who want to become professional DJ's get a job skill that they can take with them when they leave this area. It helps confidence, public speaking, communication and customer service skills. No experience is necessary.


Becoming a DJ at KYAC is very easy for most people. The first thing you need to do is contact us. We'll send you a form to fill out that tells us a bit about yourself. Near the end of the form is an area where you tell us what kind of a show you'd like to do. How you will do your show, what kind of music or programing, who you think will be interested in listening to it and why it should be on KYAC. Our program director and our program review committee (PRC) will look it over, and may invite you to one of our 4 annual DJ training classes. Our classes are geared for people with no on air experience. We'll discuss the do's and don'ts of broadcasting including some FCC rules as well as station policies, how to do your show live and pre-recorded, how to promote your show and the station. Well explain every button, switch, microphone, and piece of gear to get you comfortable to broadcast.

Almost everyone is shy about talking live on the air the first few times. We all make mistakes and we understand that, but it's not the end of the world if you do. We are very understanding of the process and offer excellent training with mentors to make sure you sound your best. You should have the ability to get along well with others, the desire to work at many jobs the station needs, be willing to help with pledge drives and remote broadcast events and be someone the community looks up to.


Are you ready to ask for an application?

Contact Ken Cartwright at or call 503-897-6391 and ask for a DJ or volunteer application. We need you!

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