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Welcome to KYAC 94.9 FM


KYAC pledge Drive-Fall 2021 October 3-9.


RADIO WORTH LISTENING TO… What does that mean? … That really depends on what each of us needs to hear each time we tune in.

Does it mean just the music? … Just the news, local and national?… Just the weather? … Just the sound of a live DJ? … Community information? … Live football? … Less commercials? … Emergency road and weather conditions? … Time and temperature? … School closures? … Public affairs programs that talk about what’s going on in our community with schools, city councils, local, county and state officials? … That is what RADIO WORTH LISTENING TO MEANS TO US… A balance of all those things… 24 hours a day 7 days a week…

If you spend any time listening to us … you already know we are all of those things and more… You also know we are listener supported radio that is dependable and credible. We don’t do political and religious underwriting or commercials… By now you know that we are all volunteers that don’t get paid for doing this. We do it because we know it’s RADIO WORTH LISTENING TOO… Most commercial radio stations run 15 to 20 minutes of commercials an hour, or more. When you’re trying to enjoy some music or public affairs programs and they are continually interrupted with commercials, we all get irritated and just want them to get back to the program. Community radio plays no more than 2 to 3 minutes an hour with UNDERWRITER SPOTS OR PROMOS. IT’S RADIO WORTH LISTENING TO.

That’s why we need to come to you several times a year to ask for your support to help keep us on the air. As a community, non-commercial radio station, we can’t run commercials, it’s against the FCC laws!!! Commercial radio stations made sure that law was there to protect them from any revenue competition… We’re proud of our underwriters who see the value of community radio, and we want you to know that because they are contributors who get their names and businesses mentioned, you will hear their names and a brief message from them. It’s why we don’t run longer pledge drives ... they subsidize our need for income needs with their messages … and it’s usually only a week long, not everyday… all day for many weeks at a time. We are local and it’s local radio without large grants or advertising to fund us.

We are asking you to help us meet our operating goal of $4500 for this pledge drive. The $4500 is about 3 months operating costs. Our operating costs are around $1500 a month… We pay no one to be on the air. The money goes for rent, utilities, license expenses, equipment breakdown because we use it so much.

There are several ways to donate what you can afford to our community radio station… You call us and we can do it over the phone quickly with a credit or debit card… Or, you can go to our website www.kyacfm.org and on the home page you will find a “DONATE HERE” button where you can make a pledge donation on our secure site with your Pay Pal, debit or credit card, or you can mail your personal of company check to us … KYAC radio, Post office box 172, Mill City Oregon 97360. No matter how you do it, please do it today… Please support community radio… RADIO WORTH LISTENING TO. 503-507-2941… THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!